Ibiza Portraits Book, published in 2013, by the photographe Jerome Ferrière is composed of a selection of pictures and articles about people living in Ibiza.

Extract of the book content:

I discovered  Ibiza in 1088, when I was a student in Paris. My first trip to this unknown island changed my life completely. I encountered a sense of freedom I’d never felt before. I soon began a frenetic party life where the dance became a trance, my body pulsing to the beats of the new born  ‘house music’. I was virgin of all drugs and alcohol, it took only the magic of this incredible atmosphere of letting go, opens and ease, to seduce me totally. I soon began to follow the circuit of the main night clubs: Amnesia and Ku were still open-air clubs where thousands of people were surfing on ecstasy waves.

In 1991 I had finally saved up enough money to afford a 3 winter months holiday in the techno-hippy mecca of Goa. India granted me me with strongest shock my young life had ever experienced. It shook all my references and changed my opinion about the world and reality. After a few weeks I wasn’t sure of anything anymore.

The current occidental values of our modern world like wealth, confort, competition and work started to fade away and loose their power over me. Happiness, simplicity, tolerance and faith became crucial. As my mind changed, my life did too. From that moment I started a nomad’s life, travelling and living had become one. I discovered Yoga, one of the precious jewels of India, and started a regular practice while on the road, giving me a draw of energy to keep on dancing all night.

I became part of the colorful tribe travelling around the planet. The most important thing was to stay out of a conventional life, to avoid boredom at all costs and to keep on having fun.

I started to drive around Europe in my 1969 green army truck. Seing the surprise on people’s faces was a cool proof that I was different . Not better, not worse, but following my own path. This tank-truck was like a mirror of my own image. It was though and rough on the outside, but soft and sweet inside.

In 2000 I decide to settle somewhere. Ibiza came back into the picture as the prefect option. That’s when I rediscovered the island, its natural beauty, quiet and peaceful side. That’s also when I started to work as Yoga teacher, transmitting the values i’d learned during all this years of immersing in the Asian cultures . And once in a while, there’s still an opportunity to go to a good outdoor free party and dance under the stars… If you keep your ears open.