The yoga was excellent. Opale´s teaching was incredibly thorough, precise and reflected her years of study and practice. She was also really attentive to everybody's level, ability and needs. I came back having learnt so much and have passed may of her techniques onto my own students.

JACQUELINE WEERS:  Yoga retreat with Opale on Ibiza: a week to remember (Reviewed October 2016 on Trip Advisor):

I joined the yoga retreat with Opale this October, and it was a week to remember. Great yoga classes, an inspiring teacher, nice accomodations and good food. I loved everything about it and would highly recommend it to people looking for an affordable, authentic yoga experience on Ibiza
Last year in September, I was lucky enough to have Opale teach yoga at the Ibizayoga retreat. Opale has a wonderfully calm energy and inspirational way of teaching. I enjoyed the classes so much, I can’t wait to return to Ibiza in the future for some more lessons!

HEIDI:  Ibiza Yoga and Opale  (Reviewed April 21, 2013 on Trip Advisor)

I recently came back from a week of Yoga, in Ibiza. It was really lovely and feel fully blissed out. Villa Roca has a travellers-hostel vibe. It is a white villa over looking pine covered hills with a terrace and a spacious yoga deck that view the green hills. It is peaceful, pretty and really easy going.

The people who run the place are really relaxed and friendly and look after their guests as well as giving them freedom to explore to their hearts content. You could walk in the hills, chill at the villa, have an ayurvedic massage with lovely French Tomas…or watch the sunrise, sunset and midday sunshine splendour at Benirras Beach. Feel the energy of Ibiza Xx

The yoga was excellent. My teacher was Opale. Her teaching was incredibly thorough, precise and reflected her years of study and practice. She led us through the primary Ashtanga series in depth and detail, creating a different yoga bliss each day, depending on what we were focusing on. She is creative and embodied all the different aspects of yoga: paranayama, philosophy, mediation and of course, asana; she showed me warms ups and poses I had never seen before. She was also really attentive to everybody’s level, ability and needs. I came back having learnt so much and have passed may of her techniques onto my own students. I really enjoyed my week with her.

Steven D. Sent on October 15, 2014:

“ The retreat was so inspiring, I feel privileged to have shared the experience.  I wasn’t sure how well I would keep up with the classes, but it was so immersive that the worries just dissolved.  The practice was challenging, but never disheartening, and each day I couldn’t believe how smoothly the time seemed to pass up on the deck.
I really appreciated the balance you find in your work.  The technical detail, the precision, and the focus on proper alignment was so useful – but all of that skill and knowledge is shared with so much warmth and so much wisdom!  I felt motivated and nurtured all at the same time, and that in itself was a wonderful thing!
I also know it was a turning point for me, that the essence of what you teach is coming with me on the journey.  I was at a class last night, and stayed with the bandhas and ujjayi breath like I never have before.  I was even careful to keep my toes long!“


Esme Benjamin (Journalist for Sheerluxe Magazin) January 7, 2013:

„Our teacher Opal eased us in each morning with breathing exercises and gentle movements to wake up the muscles and joints, and we wound down again for the final hour which culminated in 20 minutes of relaxation and meditation. With a background in Iyengar yoga, which promotes the thorough study of each posture, Opal was a stickler for alignment and taught us how to perform each assana precisely (there were some that I’d been doing incorrectly for months!) She was incredibly good at preparing us for the tougher poses with strengthening core and back exercises, and asking for help was welcomed. Members of the class overcame their apprehensions and pushed themselves in ways they would never have the guts to back at home.“

Great yoga and location, average accommodation” (Reviewed May 21, 2014 on Trip advisor)

Stayed in Villa Roca for a week in October 2013 with my friend who has visited Ibiza Yoga 9 times.

Yoga rating 5/5 – The yoga is the best thing about this place. As it was off-season there were only 10 people in our mixed ability class which was held at Villa Palma with an amazing sea view from the yoga deck. The instructor Opale was fantastic and made classes fun, informative and inclusive for both me as a complete beginner and my friend who has practised yoga for 13 years. I left feeling compltely relaxed and inspired.

Great way to get introduced to yoga!” (Reviewed July 19, 2014 on Trip advisor)

I stayed in the pagoda garden in Villa Roca. It was very rustic and I quite enjoyed it. Lots of ants though…

The instructor, Opale, was excellent. The three hours of yoga seemed to fly by.


Joanna, Aromatherapist, send on August 28, 2016 :
Last year in September, I was lucky enough to have you teach yoga at the Ibizayoga retreat.
Out of all the yoga teachers/ classes I’ve had, yours was my favourite and I love your way of teaching, you have a lovely calm energy 🙂 and also the object which we had to choose( which represented something we wanted in our lives) right after the week of your classes ( literally, the next day!) my wish came true. Just goes to show manifesting works!