Mindfulness Meditation

When the Mind smiles, it becomes lighter, brighter and more spacious. And as a response, the body becomes more free and more flexible.

Did you know that the stiffest muscle of your body is in your mind?
We are mostly limited by our mind. By learning to ease and relax your mind you will find freedom in your body and flow with lightness in your practice.

Learn the tools of Mindfulness, a practice of joy, freedom and ease. Experiencing the healing power of smiling and allowing your Mind to become peaceful, calm, open and expanding.

By repeatedly trying to master the chaotic endless activity of the mind, it gradually becomes still, and place is given for Meditation.

At your place you can get a private Mindfulness Meditation session, which can be completed with Pranayama, Breathing exercises.  Yoga Asanas can be added if you wish to do so, with a unique approach, where you will learn to integrate the tools of Mindfulness into your Yoga practice, and flow with lightness and joy.