Astanga Yoga

Astanga Yoga is an intense form of Yoga, guided by a dynamic Udjai breath linked with the constant use of the Bandhas.

Astanga Vinyasa Yoga is composed in different definite series of Asanas (postures) which were created by Patthabi Jois. We practice the primary & second serie. The sequences are guided by a dynamic Udjai breath and connected with the constant use of the Bandhas (energy locks): Moola Bandha and Udyana Bandha.

A good physical condition is preferable to start, but adaptations can be made to ease the series for beginners.

Always ending with a 10 mn of total relaxation of the body, leading to the complete release of muscles, skin and nervous system where the body is completly passive but where the mind stays alert and present. A state of interior calm and peace is achieved, and an access to your inner space becomes possible.

At your place you can get a private Astanga Vinyasa Yoga class, which will focus on your individual needs, respecting your injuries, according to your personal physical background.